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About Us


Established in 1974 by a young chocolate enthusiast, Nizar Choucair who created the concept of the chocolate gift and set the trend in the chocolate retail business, by developing a top chocolate gift destination...  

Characterized by hand-made savoir-faire and contemporary tradition, Patchi brand managed in 40 years to become a regional leader in luxury chocolate gifting spanning in around more than 22 countries with more than 165 boutiques with a great deal of focus in the Middle Eastern market.



We Cherish Life...

We believe the little things matter, that the smallest detail can have a big impact on how people feel. That every moment has the potential to feel like an occasion. A chance to give, share and celebrate, no matter the reason. That's how we see life. 

It is this pleasure and pride that we share with our customers in exciting and exceptional ways. Because we're experts at modernising tradition and we understand what should be preserved and where we can add an exciting new twist.
We delight in sharing our passion-chocolate. Encouraging customers to explore and indulge in our creativity, craft and know-how. Because we know that our heartmade chocolate makes life's moments extra special.


Our Heartmade Philosophy

At the heart of Patchi is attention to details and this essence can be felt in everything we do.

We always think of you and are here to inspire you when you want to indulge in the generosity of giving.


Our Chocolates

At Patchi chocolate making is an art form. A celebration of unique taste and superior production methods. Our chefs are keen to offer you the finest chocolate made with the utmost care so you can enjoy the sumptuousness of fresh chocolate at all our boutiques. We pride ourselves in using the highest quality cocoa butter, cocoa mass, sugar and milk. No colourings or preservatives are used.

Premium ingredients are primarily mixed and refined to make the chocolate. The rich texture then undergoes the conching process to bring out its ultimate flavor and consistency and is then tempered to further enhance the overall quality. The tempered chocolate is then transformed into the chocolate you love. Every piece is molded to perfection and some are filled with a wide variety of enticing flavors. Each piece undergoes a quality check before being wrapped and stored under special conditions.


Patchi Ateliers

Patchi's handmade chocolate gift collections and strikingly elegant packaging are all created by the talented team at Patchi Ateliers. Our Ateliers brings to life unique creations that embody savoir-faire and expertise. Here, each detail comes together to craft timeless pieces and chocolate jewels. Made-to-measure precision merges with creativity and the height of elegance.

We create chocolate jewels where each piece is crowned by a distinctive look and fine craftsmanship. Our approach to chocolate gift items is like haute-couture. Everything is designed and fashioned with care and the colors and textures change with the seasons. These ingredients help us add a special touch to your life.


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