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It all started with a dream and an 11 year old boy who was fascinated by the universe of chocolate: Nizar Choucair. As he grew older, so did his passion until it became a dream come true. A pioneer and innovator, Choucair knew that chocolate had the potential to become something even more special. He felt it had the power to bring added joy to people. With these beliefs as his muse, he was inspired to create something new. This creative concept embodied transforming chocolate into delightful gifts. Patchi was born.

1974 marked the start of this premium brand's rise to success. Ever since, Patchi has been on a unique journey that has evolved with the passing years and the spread of this exclusive brand concept throughout the world. Each moment has been one of discovering new cultures, celebrations and exceptional times.

The Maison is tied to an exclusive heritage. Attention to fine details, an emphasis on uniqueness and “savoir-faire” intertwine in each of our chocolate gift creations. Our diverse offerings are opportunities to reveal your generosity through the rich variety of chocolate flavours and the wide selection of gifting items. This is coupled with our enthusiasm for gift giving. Our timeless pieces style a lasting impression and our creativity is brought to life by our team of experienced artisans so every season is crowned with distinctive collections that taste of innovation and “l'art de vivre”. Our name tells a tale of exclusivity. It symbolizes a brand celebrated as the creator of the chocolate gift and a trendsetter in the world of premium chocolate.

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