“I don’t like milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is the best because of the rich flavour and intensity,” she explained.

“But I like the smooth sweetness of milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is a bit too intense,” he said.

They had been staring at the laptop for the past 15 minutes attempting to order chocolate online, but with no luck. They had plenty of choice. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was that they had been debating which chocolate gifts were best. They sighed in unison and sat back, practically giving up.

Her face suddenly lit up. “Look at the screen! It’s been right there all along! The solution: ‘Create Your Box’. Here, read the description: ‘Create your very own chocolate box, customized to your taste with your favourite premium chocolates.’”

His face transformed into a massive smile, “yes, perfect! Build your own chocolate box and select your own chocolates,” he blurted excitedly.

“So what do you think: 0.5 LB? 1 LB? 1.5 LB? Or 2 LB?” she asked.

“You can never have enough chocolate, so let’s go for the 2 LB box,” he answered without a second thought.

“Great. Let’s start choosing our chocolates now. Why didn’t we think of this before? This is the best way to create your own chocolate box and to have personalised chocolate gifts!” she chuckled.

“Ah cool, we can select milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, no added sugar, nuts, without nuts, and fruits from Select Chocolate Types on the left. There’s even a bar and percentages that tell us how full our box is based on the quantities of each flavour we select,” he explained.

“We can also select from all the chocolates displayed with descriptions and visuals to guide us. There are around 60 to choose from. This is amazing. And see all the diverse fillings from much loved classics to innovative new flavours. I love the way you can pick how many pieces you want and the weight of each piece is clearly shown too,” she continued.

“Oh nice. We can customize the ribbon and can even add a message of up to 60 characters to the ribbon. Now that really adds an extra touch of personalisation,” he added.

“Just two more clicks and we’re done. That was quick and easy. Plus there’s delivery. How practical when you need chocolate presents. Just buy chocolates online and send chocolates online. And we’re done,” she smiled warmly.

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