Each October is always sumptuously sweet since it is Patchi’s exclusive Chocolate Month. To be your perfect host throughout the year, Patchi constantly introduces many exquisite fillings and flavours inspired by the world’s most luscious trends. It’s a party of premium dark chocolate and quality milk chocolate. A mix of intensity and smoothness with rich chocolate coatings, tempting centres, innovative tastes, and many original Patchi twists. And this month is the ideal time to celebrate each moment and cherish every emotion these diverse flavours complement and magnify!

Discover the ultimate chocolate experience by finding the ideal chocolate gem to deliciously reflect your current mood.

On challenging days find some serenity with caramel truffle Parfait Dark. When you’re feeling nostalgic, immerse yourself in a sense of timelessness with classic Praliné Milk.




If you need a boost, then multiply your joy with decadent mascarpone cheese, coffee, and amaretto biscuit Duchessa. At moments you need to get away, feel completely free with crunchy pistachio croquant Émotion.




Need to express your excitement? Then crispy biscuit and caramel Carmen is your thrilling choice. And when your inner child brings out your playful side, then wafer filled Biscuitine is game. Whenever love is in the air, share the magical feeling with indulgent gianduja cream, almond, hazelnut, and crisped rice Marquise Dark.





Craving our premium chocolates and exquisite fillings already? Stay tuned for more!