Sometimes life is filled with emotions that are even more unique. For those special moments, Patchi’s unwrapped chocolates, found exclusively on perfectly match the mood.

In good times, prolong your contentment with pleasing gianduja cream and caramelized almond Amandine Milk.



Driven by wanderlust? Then set sail and satisfy your desire to travel with wondrous salted caramel Canamella. And after returning to work following an incredible trip, or after a day that simply drove you mad, go nutty with hazelnut croquant Craquante.




When an important meeting or event is coming up, show the world the full extent of your confidence with bold and definitive Praliné Dark.



Always let your passion burn with desirable gianduja and caramelized crepe Heart. But never forget to unleash your sense of humour with the punchline of salted caramel and peanut Corsé. After all, life is sweeter with laughter and is all about enjoying pleasant surprises with unexpected layers of raspberry and lemon cream Plénitude.





At Patchi you can go beyond daily moments by expressing the perfect mood for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, baby showers, Eid, Christmas, Valentine, Mother’s day, Father’s day and more. Patchi’s distinct world hosts accessible luxury through our boutiques and where you can buy chocolate gifts online and have them conveniently delivered anywhere in USA and Canada.

Explore different moods through our opulent choice of chocolate fillings and flavours throughout Patchi Chocolate Month.